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Jul 16, 2011 4:00pm EDT
age of big government. .. remove a cancerous tumor from presidents grover cleveland in june 1893 during 1 of the worst economic moments in american history. mr. matthew algeo talks about his book with an audience at the american -- the museum of american finance in new york city. it's about 55 minutes. >> hi, i'm david cowen, president of the museum of american finance. bagram. welcome back to our lunch and learn series. welcome to the university of oklahoma. the okies are in the house. thank you for coming. please join us again, everyone, next week on the 26. we will continue the lunch and learn series the director of the rothschild art -- archive. again, one week from this thursday. on the 204th, tuesday, we will be streaming the rediscovering alexander hamilton. this is the pbs documentary that was recently released. all your questions about the movie can be answered because the producer, director will be in the house. now, turning your attention to today and matthew algeo and "the president is a sick man." this is matthews third book, his second, harry truman excellent advent
Jul 18, 2011 1:00am EDT
] before i talk about grover grover, who was very interesting, or maybe u.s. so we move from. of my name is mr. algeo. ready thinks it is italian but it is irish. i know the latter zero is on the wrong end. [laughter] bite them of irish citizenship and spent one year there as a freelance reporter because a largely consisted of drinking a lot of the year for one year. but one thing i did find out i went to get the i a did he card with the irish the equivalent of the dmv they had three lines that was all according to the first letter of your last name the first was teetwo of course, the longest was mc-o. i am the youngest of seven which is why i am avoiding eye contact with the right now i just figured it was better to keep my head down. [laughter] but i did growth in the house of readers. meier paris wordpro with big readers. there were not sitting around the gain existentialist. i used to save my dad read by the pound. my mother love true crime would always be embarrassing riding the train reserve it is like the i 95 killer on the front cover there is a pitcher of 70 stabbing somebo
Jul 16, 2011 10:00am PDT
employee. grover norquist joins us. your lobbying group has gotten more than 230 house republicans and nearly 40 gop senators to sign a pledge never to support an increase in taxes. and you warn those who break your pledge will pay a political price. are you the reason that we don't have a debt ceiling increase right now? >> well, as you know, the pledge, the taxpayer protection pledge, is a pledge that candidates for office and house and senate members and presidents signed to the voters of their state and to the nation. the pledge isn't to americans for tax reform. it isn't to me. the american taxpayers have asked and elected a majority in the house of representatives and 41 members of the senate who ran, committing not to raise taxes. >> right. >> our friends, president obama, has said he won't try and solve the problem he created with his spending -- >> wait, wait, wait. what do you mean he created with his spend? you didn't just suggest our budget problem is because of president obama, did you, grover? >> well, see, on august 2nd, which is the new date that geithner gave us, he ga
Jul 17, 2011 12:00pm PDT
elected official, not a government employee, grover norquist is the president of the americans for tax reform. your lobbying group has got over 240 house republicans to sign a pledge never to support an increase in taxes. you're warning that they will pay a political price. are you one of the reasons that there is not a debt increase right now? >> the taxpayer pledge is a candidates for office and house and senate members sign to the voters of their state and to the nation. the pledge isn't to americans for tax reform. it isn't to me. the american taxpayers have asked an elected majority in the house of representatives and 41 members of the senate who ran committing not to raise taxes. >> right. >> our friend, president obama, has said that he won't try and solve the problem he created with his spending unless people -- >> wait a minute. he created with his spending. you didn't suggest that our budget problem is because of president obama, did you, grover? >> well, let's see. on august 27nd -- now there's a new absolute date that he wasn't -- >> right. >> grover, let's start this c
Jul 21, 2011 11:00pm PDT
allowing the bush tax cuts to expire? apparently giving a green light by grover norquist? >> he's back pedaled from what he said just this morning. a sense of how much disarray they're in. them tell us one thing and then do another. grover norquist said what you suggested and with hours he debated himself. grover norquist can't even agree with himself. how can these republicans come to an agreement with us? >> what i'm taking away from you is that the sell is all on the gop side of the aisle, and i'm interpreting you have your ducks in a row? is that a fair statement? >> we've said from day one we will produce the votes necessary to pass an extension of the debt ceiling so long as it is balanced, doesn't hurt seniors on medicare, doesn't hurt the middle class, and involved the right balance of revenue adjustment and spending cuts. and we will provide those votes along those lines. and the american people are with us. look at every single poll it says the same thing. republican, democrat, independents agree with our balanced approach. >> i was going to say according to the latest nbc ne
Jul 21, 2011 6:00pm EDT
worship at the alter of grover norquist who is the enforcer on taxes. in an interview of my colleagues, he said if you don't renew the tax cut that does not count as tax increase, they would not be eye lating the pledge. it seems to give them a little bit of wiggle room which is consistent of us being described in this deal here. it is possible we have seen a pivot an ael all of the heat has been on the republicans. now you actually will hear progressive getting angry about what the president has done. >> mr. steele, are you ready to concede that many of your colleagues worship at the altar of grover norquist? and i'm quoting dana. >> i appreciate that, you know, dana's religious reference there. but the reality of it is that with or without grover norquist, there are a lot of republicans consistent with our platform and more importantly our philosophy going back to our founding that talks about a free enterprise system, free market system. and so those things that touch on taxes and spending, really do matter to folks and that is clear as we discussed before reverend in thi
Jul 21, 2011 8:00pm PDT
running out of time. >> and the media has finally caught up with grover norquist, the most powerful man in republican politics. >> who made grover norquist king? >> the people have made this commitment not to raise taxes. >> if you raise tax rates, that is violating a tax pledge. >> 232 of the 240 have signed the no tax increase pledge. >> americans for tax reform would oppose any effort to weaken, reduce, or not continue the 2001/2003 bush tax cuts. >>> rumors swept the capital this morning that the president and speaker of the house were close to an agreement on a deal, a deal that sent waves of panic through washington. democrats and republicans, who assumed their side must have given up too much. in order to strike such a deal. faced with a possible mutiny in his caucus, speaker boehner used a method that no speaker has used before to calm his troops. he tweeted. one word. false. meaning, there is no deal. the speaker then said this in a press conference. >> i believe that the congress must act before august 2. and i hope that we're prepared to do that. i'll keep my discussions with th
Jul 14, 2011 4:00pm EDT
, including grover norquist, people have heard of pimm had. a grand pooh-bah of taxes and republicans making sure they don't vote for tax increases whatsoever. >> we'll talk to joe kline. it's brilliant marketing, terrible policy. i expect he's right. before we get into things with him i bid you adieu, mike and turn to one of our representatives in country. one major area of the debt talk contention, obviously, entitlement spending. insist there's won't be votes for the medicare professional of the president. how much leverage do you feel you have to protect medicare from these talks? >> we have considerable leverage, because nobody thinks that even if there's an agreement that boehner and cantor can produce more than 100 or 120 republican votes because tea party will not vote tore any increase in the debt ceiling whatsoever. 218 is a majority, need at least 100 or more democratic votes before an agreement comes forward and there won't be those votes if there's any real reductions to benefits of social security or medicare. >> that applies to both social security and medicare? >> abso
Jul 28, 2011 6:00am EDT
pledges to grover norquist aside and put this country first. >> it's unfair from the president of the united states to lead from behind. it's unfair for the president of the united states not to come forward with a specific plan that, perhaps to be considered by both bodies, but only to go out and give lectures. >> we are not going to hold this country hostage to the tea party. those folks over there, about 80 of them, they pledged to grover norquist. i want to pledge allegiance to the united states of america. that's what we should be doing. >> good morning. it is thursday, july 28th. look at the beautiful shot of new york city. welcome to "morning joe." yes, with us on set -- >> look at him. >> msnbc contributor, mike barnicle. >> national affairs editor, john heilemann and willie geist. the excitement of yesterday's anniversary. >> where were you? >> at a satellite in boston. >> a lot of talk about john mccain the last couple years. yesterday, john mccain, classic john mccain, he went after the president for leading from behind, which is new york times talks about today. >> right.
Jul 23, 2011 6:30pm EDT
arguing that they can't is the anti-tax crusader gordon norquist. grover norquist. andrea mitchell has his story. >> reporter: grover norquist is a behind-the-scenes power broker who's never held office. a self-described reagan republican who even tries his hand at standup. >> bourbon, water, my rule, never drink water, dick cheney tortures people with it. >> reporter: but about taxes, he is deadly serious. >> the folks who have fought for tax increases after promising not to, and then down here in blue, across here, are the ones defeated. >> reporter: for 24 years he's been getting candidates, almost all republican, to sign a simple pledge. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> reporter: republican lawmakers rep how that worked out, defeated after one term. so 236 have taken the vow. >> grover went around and said, sign this. any guy that would sign something before he or she confronts the issue has really sold part of their soul. >> reporter: he told "the washington post," letting the bush tax cuts expire at the end of next year would not violate the pledge. >> not continuing a tax cut i
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Jul 11, 2011 10:00am PDT
president of americans for tax reform, grover norquist. i'm going to claim his as a dependent. (laughter) the supreme court ruled it's legal to sell silent video games to kids. get ready for grand theft tetris. (laughter) this is "the colbert report." captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( applause ) (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you very much. (crowd chanting "stephen") (cheers and applause) >> stephen: thank you! thank you so much. i had no idea that you guys could read cue cards. (laughter) welcome to the "report," good to have you with us, and thank you all for watching our last show before the earth swallows new york and drags it to hell. (laughter) because on friday the state legislature legalized gay marriage. now, i am not surprised governor cuomo signed the bill. it's all part of the cuomo sexual agenda. (laughter) but a new law goes into effect july 24 and mayor bloomberg has already started a new economic campaign called "n.y.c. i do" to make the city more gay marriage friendly starting with some slight changes to the statue of liberty. (laug
Jul 24, 2011 9:00am EDT
the fact they have people who have taken pledges. whether it is grover norquist's not to raise taxes, the democrat's pledged not to cut medicare, social security. it is a sad thing for me to see that we have got politicians who have forgotten their own oath, pledge to us, but they are so conscious of what they are pledging to. other people who have entered into this, like grover norquist. whoet's tell the viewers note grover norquist is. he has been on this program. most journalists in washington know him. he is an interesting carrier -- individual. he runs americans for tax reform. basically, no taxing is good. we will shrink the government by starving it and eventually it will weather. somehow, he had managed to persuade an entire political party that this is statesmanship. >> he has also noted recently, to allow a tax cut to expire is not the same as raising taxes, which is a bit of a parsing of his phraseology. he tried to walk back from that. >> i think grover norquist was somebody who was suddenly frightened by his own success. >> to your point, linda, one thing that has
Jul 18, 2011 4:00pm PDT
purposes the man pushing republican tax policy right now. one man. grover norquist, the most powerful man most americans have never heard of plays "hardball" here tonight. >>> plus, another day, another resignation in the murdoch scandal. this time the number two man in scotland yard. one day after number one man went belly up. and easy to follow flow chart tonight of the tangled relationships between and among murdoch's people and the police and will ask, is it happening here in america as well? if you've never heard that michele bachmann referred to homosexuality at bondage, despair and enslavement, gay rights groups have and are making sure will you. tonight, anything you say, or certainly anything michele bachmann says, will be used against you in the court of public opinion. let me finish tonight with a great moment for america. even if defeat at the world cup. we start with the republicans as a protest party. david korn and an msnbc political analyst and pat buchanan, a political analyst as well for msnbc. i was watching you on "morning joe." working both ends ever the block. 12
Jul 21, 2011 1:00pm EDT
of the questions that occurs is whether grover norquist's suggestion, however you want to interpret it, that letting the bush tax cuts expire would not violate the so-called no tax pledge. do you take that as an opening? steny hoyer suggested today that is an opening. >> well, look, in the lame duck session, the psident extended all the tax rates where they are. the tax rates have been in law for almost a decade. they were extended in december for two years. at that time, the president said the last thing we ought to be doing in this economy is raising taxes so we want to prevent that from happening. let's remember already in current law, we have about a $1.5 trillion tax increase scheduled to occur in a little over a year's worth of time. that right now is damaging the economy. it's hurting businesses with their sense of planning and injecting uncertainty into the economy and creating job loss, stacking more tax increases on those which are already scheduled to occur, we just don't think is good for creating jobs and economic growth. you got to have jobs and economic growth if you
Jul 16, 2011 3:00pm PDT
even think about raising taxes. i'll talk to grover norquist about america's debt and his own clout. >>> and what jurors were thinking when they cleared casey anthony of murder. one member of the panel now breaking her silence about the verdict that is letting anthony go free this weekend. >>> i want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> one of the world's biggest media empires in crisis now. rupert murdoch publicly apologizing for serious wrongdoing and is now the front tabloid, the news of the world. the new ad in british newspapers coming days before he and his son are scheduled to face members of parliament. our correspondent brian todd and allan chernoff are standing by. first to london and our senior correspondent don rivers is standing by. are people in london, dan, still as shocked as they were over these past few days? >> reporter: i think so, yeah. i mean, this has been a seismic week in british politics. a week that will be written about for decades to come, i think. just having all of the m
Jul 22, 2011 6:00am EDT
the weekend off. we'll move on to grover norquist. have you heard about this? >> i was curious what howard dean thought about this deal. democrats are upset the president may be making a deal with john boehner that doesn't have the type of tax increases they want. is it a sell-out by the president? should he take the deal? >> we don't know what's in the deal. it's hard to talk about a deal where nobody knows what is in it. >> harry reid has a good idea and leaders in the house, there aren't increases in taxes along the lines they wanted. the bush tax increases don't come into effect. >> well, again, joe, i mean, what does go into effect? the principle here is you have to have increase in revenues and also budget cuts. that spreads the pain from people who make $1 million to people barely getting by. it's the core principle. if that principle is in the deal, it's great. if it's not in the deal, it's probably not going to pass. >> what are you hearing on the hill? >> the reason they are upset is the content of the deal and they are not in the room. >> they have been shut out. >> boehn
Jul 18, 2011 12:00am PDT
run from the bottom up. it's not boehner. >> at this point we have to mention the name of grover, who invented the pledge in 1986. he has all but six members of the house of representatives have signed it and all but seven senators, he is the most powerful, nonelected republican -- chris: who is he? what is he? >> he's a former geek. he's -- he was a kid from western massachusetts who -- who was a republican -- chris: why do all the of these senators and congress people do what he tells them to? >> he actually decided in high school he was going to impose this. he said it would be a way to brand the republican party as coke or pepsi. up until that point, people didn't know what you got when you get with republicans. now they know. >> this is a man who successfully lobbied to get the name of the airport in d.c. changed to reagan airport. >> by the way, reagan not only would have accepted this deal on the table, he would have been the guy who came up with the deal. >> that result i believe now the republican party at least in the congress, particularly in the house, is more ideologicall
Jul 23, 2011 2:00am PDT
leaves. you're going to take me to the answer. tuesday grover norquist said not renewing the bush tax wouldn't violate his anti-tax pledge. here's the audio from that interview. >> not continuing a tax cut is not technically a tax increase. >> so it does not violet the pledge? >> um, we wond hold it that way. it would be a very bad thing to do. it would raise taxes from where they are. would it technically violate the pledge, no? >> he backed away from those comments here on msnbc and today in "the new york times" he tried to clarify things further, he said he remained opposed to any tax increases. then he went on to write my position and the implications of the pledge is clear if taxes rose automatically then no politicians would have voted for higher taxes and no elected official would have broken his or her pledge that's different than supporting a plan by democrats that would end some or all of these lower tax rates. i still don't get it. explain it to me. >> i think the nuance, the washington nuance is there is the difference between letting the bush tax cuts expire on their own
Jul 13, 2011 2:00pm PDT
, much more with grover norquist. >>> secret and fear as the chinese government crackdown intensifies. we'll take you inside an illegal underground church. >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. breaking news. political headlines. and jeanne moos all straight ahead. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> there's fresh fallout today from the hacking scandal that brought down one of britain's biggest newspapers, the prime minister david cameron has announced the public inquiry into eavesdropping and bribery by journalists working for media mogul rupert murdoch. amid the public fury, murdoch's corporation has dropped the $12 billion bid to take control of british sky broadcasting. the scandal could spread beyond britain. three, repeat, three u.s. senators now urging the justice department to investigate murdoch's u.s. holdings. cnn's brian todd is working this part of the story for us. it's a dramatic development, brian. what do we know? >> senator jay rockefeller is leading the charge. he thinks journalists from ruppert mert murdoch'
Jul 28, 2011 2:30am PDT
, put their pledges to grover norquist aside, put their caucus pledges to one congress manor the other aside, and put this country first. >> it's unfair of the president of the united states to lead from behind. it's unfair of the president of the united states not to come forward with a specific plan that perhaps could be considered by both bodies, but only to go out and give lectures. >> we are not going to hold this country hostage to the tea party. that's where it's at. you know, those folks over there, about 80 of them and maybe even more of those republicans, they pledged to grover norquist. i want to pledge allegiance to the united states of america and that's what we all should be doing right now. >> senator boxer right there referring to grover norquist, you've been hearing his name a lot over the last several weeks. he will join us later on "morning joe." . deficit game blame is not playing well on wall street. the indexes worst one-day drop in two months yesterday. let's look at the markets, anna edwards live in london for us. good morning. any better today? >> good to see y
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 435 (some duplicates have been removed)